We are an interdisciplinary initiative within the ongoing Future of Work development. Our core theme is the unlimited world of community building. Our method is unrestricted drift through all zones of the knowledge exchange landscape.

We are DNA. Based in Zurich.

The DNA journey to Community Building

Purpose, Persona, Place, Program and People. DNA enables the collaborative knowledge gain for individuals and teams being passionate about building and growing communities.

We strive to add value to organizations through alignment with ROC (Return on Community).

On site and digital.


DNA is all about communities. As digital nomads we moved through cities and countries, working in coworking spaces and airports, restaurants, outdoors, in schools. Almost everywhere actually. And one of us also studied abroad.

Our research revealed a growing demand from nomads for communities that started in the coworking spaces. The next step was to explore the yet unknown profession of the Community Builder, who creates and ignites a community.

DNA offers courses and individual advisory focusing the purpose of a community. For nomads, people from business, industry, non-professional organizations, authorities, associations, private individuals.

We are DNA. Get on Board.

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The purpose behind a community. How important is it?

No clear defined sense of community, no convincing and promising community building. Pioneer Thomas Wickart points out from his rich store of knowledge components to be considered.

Purpose Communication in the Community

With a few tricks, comprehensible communication around the purpose in the community is possible.

Using Social Listening to Define and Refine Your Community’s Purpose

Community-building is an art and a science. Using real examples, we discuss how to use social listening to build a purposeful community.


We are looking forward to your questions – we speak english and german

Maurice Codourey ZRH,
Aisha Schnellmann ZRH & SIN,
Maria Kromlidou ATH,
Thomas Wickart SCN

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